Short Description Here
Manicure £30.00
Pedicure £40.00
Shellac Combo Get Free Eyebrow Threading
Deluxe Gel Manicure £35.00
Deluxe Gel Pedicure £45.00
Shellac Removal £10.00
Shellac Removal With Shellac £5.00
Acrylic Or Gel Removal £15.00
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Full Face£110
Short Description here
Basic WhiteningWas £199 Now £79
Advanced WhiteningWas £299 Now £99
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Aromatherapy Full Body 45mins £50.00
Swedish & Thai Deep Tissue 45mins £55.00
Hot Stone Full Body 50mins £60.00
Back,Neck & Shoulder 30mins £32.00
Smart Look’s Luxury Body Scrub Massage & Shine 70mins £70.00
Back Cleanse 30mins £32.00
Add Back Cleanse With Massage 15£15.00
Indian Head Neck & Shoulder MassageFrom £15.00
Add Indian Head Neck & Shoulder Massage With Steam £5.00
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Pedicure £32.00
Callus Peel Treatment £25.00
Add Callus Peel With Pedicure £10.00
French Polish £5.00
Use Of Blade With Pedicure£5.00
Short Description here
Manicure £17.00
Pedicure £27.50
Short Description here
Express Facial 20mins £25.00
Deep Cleansing Facial 40mins £37.00
Shahnaz Herbal Facial 45mins £43.00
Derma Double Cleanse Facial 35mins £48.00
Age-Smart Anti Ageing Facial 40mins £57.00
Medi-Bac Acne Clearing Facial 40mins £57.00
Dermalogica Prescriptibe Facial 40mins £57.00
Clear-Start Teen Age Facial £30.00
Eye Soothing Special Treatment £25.00
Add Eye Soothing With Any Facial £15.00
Black Head Removal Treatment £25.00
Add Black Head Removal With Any Facial £15.00
Dermalogica Biosurface Peel 50mins£60.00
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Facial £62.00
The Ultimate All In One Facial £95.00
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Half Legs + Bikini Line£30.50
Full Legs + Bikini Line £37.00
Full Wax (Full Arms+Full Legs + Under Arms + Bikini Line) £59.00
Full Body Wax (Full Arms + Full Legs + Under Arms + Stomach + Back + Bikini Line)£112.00
Short Description HereWarmHot Lycon
Full Arms£21.00£24.00
Half Arms£16.50£20.00
Under Arms£12.50£14.50£17.00
Full Legs£25.00£32.00
Half Legs£18.50£22.00
Upperlegs Or Lower 3/4legs £21.00£26.00
Bikini Line £15.00£17.00£18.00
Extended Bikini Line£21.00£23.00£27.00
Brazilian £28.00£33.00£37.00
Woman’s Back£28.00£32.00
Man’s Back£37.00£42.00
Chin £8.00£9.00£10.00
Chin Extended Neck £13.00£15.00£17.00
Sides £11.00£13.00£15.00
Full Face (Excluding Eyebrow) £33.00£38.00£43.00
Short Description here
Cluster Lash Full Set £25.00
Individual Semi-Permanent Full Set £60.00
Lash Removal£10.00
Short Description here
Full Back £30.00
Full Arm £22.00
Full Face£25.00
Add Full Face With Facial £15.00
Short Description here
Upper Lip £40.00
Chin £35.00
Sides £40.00
Neck Front £40.00
Neck Back £40.00
Eyebrow Centre £20.00
Forehead £40.00
Full Face £110.00
Half Arms £90.00
Full Arms £120.00
Under Arms £45.00
Back & Shoulder £200.00
Chest & Abdomen £170.00
Lower Back £80.00
Half Legs £150.00
Full Legs £190.00
Bikini Line £45.00
Short Description HereHandFeet
Polish Change £6.00£10.00
Shape N Polish£12.00£13.00
Cut N Shape£5.00£6.00
Short Description here
Tattoo or Single Stripe £7.00
Tattoo or Single Stripe Black £10.00
Bridal Package£100.00
Short Description here
Hd brows Full Treatment £30.00
Hd Brows Tint £15.00
Hd Lash Tint£20.00
Short Description here
Eyebrow Tint£10.00
Eyelash Tint £15.00
Brow and Lash Tint£22.00
Eyelash Perm £36.00
Short Description here
Upper Lip£2.50
Lower Lip£2.00
Chin Extended Neck£10.00
Full Face (Excluding Eyebrow)£20.00
Men's Eyebrow£7.00
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